Skull Scarf for Jessica

Lifted from Crazy in Suburbia, January 2006

Here’s version 3, worn by Katherine. This scarf was made for Jessica, based on a pair of earrings she had bought at a convention this summer. Seriously! Skulls with pink bows on the top! They made quite an impression on me…so when I saw the scarf pattern, it was inevitable I would end up here. When I get a photo of Jess in it, I’ll post that. This one was sized as I’d done Francis’…although Jess is in the wilds of Quebec, facing mountains of snow, I figured that–girls being girls–this would work better as a fashion item than a serious winter garment. The ribbon is grograin…with a bit of thinking and some quick stitching, I made the bows.

Kate and Skull Scarf


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