Recent Colour Work

I do colouring for Gibson Quarter here and there.  Gibson was a student in Ty Templeton’s Comic Book Bootcamps (done through Max the Mutt Animation School) which is how we met up.  He got a gig doing a five-pager (yeah, yeah, I keep calling it a six pager…someday I’ll edit those entries) for an issue of the Ed the Sock comic book. The art had to be coloured and lettered so Ty volunteered my services…and Gibson was happy enough to call me for some other jobs.  We’re sort of an informal art team…although my name is nowhere as cool and really doesn’t flow:  Quarter and Smith.   Yep, not quite there!

Through Gibson’s art I’ve got to colour Judge Dredd, Spider-man and flats on the one and only Johnny K of War on Drugs, a character whose last name I can’t put in case anyone under 18 ever reads this entry.  Johnny K is a character created and written by Alan Grant for his magazine, Wasted.

Here’s a few of the pages I’ve done for Gibson Quarter (click on image for a bigger version; for some of them, click twice)…


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