Joe Shuster Awards 2009

Went to the Shuster Awards.  The boys each had a huge meltdown so Ty and I were five minutes late getting out (with Taylor along–finally had no choice but to bring him), and traffic was a nightmare.  Typical QEW nonsense, with constant slowdowns.  Got there fifteen minutes late, as organizers were just trying to figure out a contingency plan to go ahead without Ty (apparently, at one point, an audience member volunteered to “play” Ty, claiming an ability to imitate him).

So, the show went on…people won, awards were given, all was well.

Didn’t get a chance to see the Gene Day Award for Canadian Self-Publishers  for which I coloured the Dave Sim portrait of Gene,

Gene Day colours revised 2

but I did see a print, after, of the Hall of Fame 2009 inductees jam illustration.

Final JSA jam illoGot to see Lar De Souza (only a handshake!  Everyone else got hugs!), Rob Pincombe, Max Douglas (aka Salgood Sam), Mark Askwith and others.  Didn’t really chat much–kept Taylor company.


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