Christmas Decorations Day 1

okay, I actually only had this idea today, which is December 2…but I’ll post two items today and pretend this was done yesterday.

Found this on…the instructions are linked there.

Love this!

I’ve been trying to stick to ornaments that are pretty cheap to make…or can even just use up stuff around the house, and obviously, this would seem to cost a bit of money.  My suggestion would be to check thrift stores: I was at Value Village yesterday, and they had many bags of ornaments, bagged by a loose colour assortment (ie, pinks and whites together, greens and reds). With a couple bags of those, and a hanger from home, this could be kept under $5. Or, if you’re willing to invest a few dollars in a decoration that will last for years, check out the bulk packs of ornaments from stores like  Ikea, Canadian Tire and Loblaws…Wal-Mart. Any of the big stores will have a big plastic bin of ornaments all in one colour or two.  I think I bought a giant pack from Canadian Tire for $15 last year.


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