Christmas Decorations Day 4

A fun felt garland…I’ve seen many different versions of felt garlands…instructions seem pretty superfluous:  pick a shape, cut it out, decide how you’re going to string it.  You can do felted wool balls, cut out shapes, shapes stitched and lightly padded.  I’m looking to see where I saw the pic, but years ago on, I saw a paper version from a store–large snowflakes cut out of recycled papers (there was type visible on the backs), then stitched together on a machine (do a big loose stitch, like you would for basting, run down the length of the snowflake, do a few inches of just chain, then stitch the next.  If you have troubles with the plain chain, stitch a plain piece of paper in between snowflakes, then tear it off afterward).

The internet is full of versions of paper and felt garlands…use them to swag around a tree or a hearth or stranded, hanging in a cluster in front of a window or against a wall.

ooh…just did a quick search of my bookmarks, and found my favourite :

I do so love the Apartment Therapy websites…I check them every Sunday morning and browse through them all: ReNest, Green, OhDeeDoh, ktchen, etc.

December 5–

I was checking out Apartment Therapy today (’cause it’s Saturday), and they’ve got a new snowflake curtain, from Bugs and Fishes (if you search through old posts, Lupin has a felt curtain with beautiful colourful butterflies).

Update:  on, there’s a diy craft for spraying doilies with starch and using as ornaments…and I was thinking, hey, wouldn’t that be great for this curtain? You can pick up doilies at thrift stores, cheapie ones at Dollar Stores, or even make some quick tiny ones if you crochet.  Or crochet stars…  Instead of spray starch, I think I would soak them in a water/white glue mixture and leave them to stiffen…maybe?


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