Christmas Decorations Day 6

Aack!  I saved this jpeg to my desktop, thought about it often…why oh why did I not put it in one of my bookmarks so I had the site from which it came.  It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen…and I don’t know who to attribute it to.  I’ve been searching the ‘net to see if I can find it anew…no luck so far, but I love it so much, I’m posting it anyway.  My apologies to the creator–I so want to link to your site because this is BEAUTIFUL!

My memory is that you felt some wool sweaters (or use new wool felt, or use cheapie craft store felt), cut out circles, and then cut the circle in a spiral…obviously of some size to get decent petals. It could probably be done as strips but then you wouldn’t get the slight variation you see here, and the flowers would be bulkier (I’m thinkin’…). Wind it together in a flower shape, then glue on a smaller felt circle as a base.  Glue this to a styrofoam ball, using a pin to hold in place until the glue dries…although I think I’d be inclined to leave the pin…maybe even do a trio of pearl-topped pins.

Cut some leaf shapes out of green felt, add a couple…string with nice green cord or wool, and voila!

…off to trawl the ‘net some more and see if I can figure out where I found this.


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