Christmas Decorations Day 8

I decided that yesterday’s post qualified as Day 7 crafting…I want to do the one where you string a bunch of ornaments up and hang them in a corner…actually, I want to do quite a few of them.

Today’s is from The Purl Bee*…a  star (“Molly’s Star Ornaments” from The Purl Bee, as I found a version there and have linked to the instructions.  It seemed simpler to find a version to show than to say, “cut out a shape, whip stitch it, stuff it…off you go”. I like to have a pattern to start from, then I get inspired to go off and try something else.

So, this is pretty simple–a felt ornament, overstitched and beaded.  This is a good one to do with kids…teach them to do a whipstitch, then they can glue beads, sequins, etc. rather than do more stitching. Try a Christmas tree shape and find unique beads and buttons to be ornaments.  I’ve seen little mini Christmas lights-as-necklace-beads in craft stores that could be added. Felt is the best…so many lovely colours, so many possibilities.

I think craft store felt has become so much cheaper over the years (as in, quality not price.  Some of it is so thin you can see through it!)…you can make your own felt from old sweaters.  If you don’t have any already ruined, or that you’re willing to ruin, make a run to a thrift store.

(*The Purl Bee is a wonderful, wonderful site…check it out to see some of her Christmas crafting ideas for this year.  I wish I had more time, and wasn’t feeling so curmudgeonly…perhaps if I just look at her site every morning, it will warm my chilly heart)


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