Christmas Decorations Day 10

Soon, it will be time to put up the tree and post pics of decorations we’ve made…

Until then, I’m still combing through my “I want THIS” bookmarks, and through all the newer entries I’m adding.

I’m going to try to find a better photo of these ornaments online ’cause I’m too lazy right now to go grab my copy of the magazine they’re in, and scan the pictures…but it may come to that because otherwise you won’t get to see how great the snowman is.  I think the rest are okay, cute…but I really liked the simplicity of the snowman.

The problem with these would be that in a modern world, where women often brag about their inability to do any level of crafting that seems old-fashioned and like something their mothers would do (seriously–why do women brag about an inability to cook or sew?  I get that not everyone is interested in cooking, or seems able to follow a recipe, but it isn’t inherently feminist to not be able to cook and provide one’s self with a meal…and it’s unbelievably patronizing to women who are able to do so, to suggest that that automatically makes them less feminist and less progressive), that very few of us have the button stashes that our mothers/grandmothers would have.

Now, a decade back, that wouldn’t have been so bad…you could head off to Biway or Stitsky’s and buy a huge bag of buttons for $5.  But, all those cheapie  low-end stores went under, Stitsky’s broke my heart and went under years ago, and Fabriclands and other fabric stores are going under every month, or changing over to home decor.  That leaves you looking at buttons on cards that are $5 for six!

My suggestion would be to ask older relatives if they have a stash (my mother gave me hers many years ago, and I added to it substantially in the golden days of Stitsky’s, the best fabric store in Toronto, Ontario once-upon-a-time), check dollar stores for bags, check whatever low-end dept store is in your area (like Zeller’s), or check the local fabric store to see if they have discounted button cards…they’ll often have a basket or box near the cash with cards that are now 25 cents each.

And yes, there are those who regard Martha Stewart as the epitome of all that is evil…but man does she hire creative people who design great things.  I rarely buy her magazine, but I usually get her kids’ one and the Christmas one.  There’s always something in those that I wish to make.


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