Christmas Decorations Day 11

Today, I’m going to link to sites where I’ve found lots and lots of things to inspire me for Christmas ornaments and crafts…I’ve got tons of sites bookmarked, divided up into lots of folders (I’ve got Crafts 1-5, and decided it would be simpler to keep separate folders for all the Christmas Craft sites).

Elise Blaha–Apartment Therapy (of course) had a link to her site for her re-purposed cardboard wreath…but there’s a plethora of other crafts there.  I really like this simple framed art of Christmas papers.

It would be a great way to use scraps of nice wrapping paper, or old Christmas cards.

Betz White–I think it’s clear that I like felt and felting.  Betz White’s site shows off her creations, her books and crafts…and has some of the Christmas crafts she’s done that are non-felted with links to the originating sites/instructions

What I like about finding a crafting, knitting, sewing site that is full of inspiration, is that the author frequently has a blogroll of their own, or piles of links, and through them I can find so many more amazing sites.

Wee Wonderfuls–I will never live a life this sweet, gentle and low-key…but I certainly like to read about it and see it.

Angry Chicken–first, it has a great, GREAT name!  But, despite the name, much of what I said about Wee Wonderfuls applies here as well.  Lots of inspiration, lots of links, lots of wishful thinking…

Wise Craft–as I look over my various sites, I am linked to Wise Craft repeatedly.  Take a look and you’ll see why–beautiful, fun, easy crafts, including these

which are posted for her guest blog over at

Design-Sponge–a great blog to check out all year round.  Lots of inspiration for everything.

Not-Martha–you gotta love the name, gotta love the site. She also has an etsy site for selling stuff, but she has patterns and inspiration here.  Some ideas for quick little presents and quick little food.

Sew, Mama, Sew–patterns and fabrics to purchase, but this time of year, I love Sew, Mama, Sew for everything for Handmade Holidays. Lots of ideas, patterns, inspiration…

Bugs and Fishes–A wonderful site full of wonderful patterns by Lupin.  I posted her felt garland earlier, but she has lots of great things, and an etsy site.

so…that’s just a few of the blogs I’ve got bookmarked.  But it will give you a start!  Check their blogrolls as well, for new ones…


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