Christmas Decorations Day 9

Oops…yes,I missed a few days.  Officially depressed enough that even the prospect of looking at pretty sparkly objects couldn’t perk me up.  But it’s Saturday, I got to sleep in until 7am (I love my body clock–I wake every weekend morning ten minutes before my alarm goes off at 5:30am, but come the weekend, my inner alarm behaves enough to let me sleep an extra hour or two.  Sometimes, I just lie there for hours drowsing in and out of sleep…sheer luxury).

Anyway, it’s Saturday, which is the day I cruise all the Apartment Therapy sites, and bookmark, facebook link, and ooh and aah the heck out of them.

I saw this on Ohdeedoh (the design for children site of AT)…and was mildly interested, and thought it would be nice for my giant windows…

but then I clicked through to the originating site with instructions ( and saw THESE:

I LOVE these…I don’t know why seeing them in bright red makes all the difference, but now, my crafting instincts are firing up…

They’re made with popsicle sticks, glue, and whatever else you come up with…glitter, pom poms, paint, etc. Time for another trip to the dollar store…

(when I get my tree up, and ornaments out, I’ll post pics of the popsicle stick snowflakes my oldest son made years ago…they were made from the popsicle sticks that have the edges cut out, painted and then decorated with glitter.  Dead easy for kids, even those without a lot of co-ordination).


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