Christmas Decorations Day 13

A felt garland from…She actually created it as an advent calendar pattern, but I think it’s a great garland.  I hadn’t seen this site before yesterday, or it would have been on my posting.  It has amazing stuff!  I love her idea of creating an Advent Calendar colouring book for your kids!  Isn’t that fab?  I think I’ll try and make one for my toddler niece next year.

This garland also reminds me of a pattern I saw years ago and have always wanted to make–can’t remember the magazine (I’m presuming it’s somewhere in the depths of my craft room/storage for everything room and I’ll find it at some point).  Imagine the lights as being at least 12″–they were each made out of vinyl or plastic, which you would use to make raincoats or tablecloths.  The sockets were fabric covered margarine tubs, and the lights were strung on coloured rope.  It was designed to be an oversized, dramatic, fun garland for a long porch or a stretch of roof.  I always loved it, and it stays in the back of my mind.  Some day, I really, really have to make it.  I think it would be a fun, fresh decoration (even though I first saw it fifteen years back!).


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