Christmas Decorations Day 14

yeah, it’s the 21st–what’s your point? Yikes–I disappeared.

Ironically, too busy working on the husband’s blog to do my own.  The argument is that his blog is meant to earn us some income.  Possibly, potentially…

And I’ve been colouring for him…can’t say too much about the work, just that it’s for the webisodes of Dexter: The Early Cuts, and they are not happy, fun illustrations. Let’s just say that I’m using a lot of red.  Blood red, in fact.

And…I got overwhelmed by the world.  I’ve been trying to proclaim myself as safe from all decision making and planning, but of course, this is a season all about plans and decisions! Where to go for Christmas, who to take how, what to do when the car goes into the shop and the mechanic tells me that it will be almost four thousand dollars to fix it.  Little things like that…


whilst checking out some sites, I found this:

from katie did. Please check it out on her site. Isn’t it glorious?!  And the answer is yes, yes it is. So simple, so effective…but probably something you would want to do slowly over a couple of days so your hands wouldn’t cramp up.

This is a project that you could even get your kids to do. And there’s so many possibilities for what the words are…old Christmas hymns as here, modern carols, Christmas wishes in different languages.

I could see doing this for occasions other than Christmas–obviously New Year’s, but also birthday parties, or anniversaries…you could do significant dates, or expressions.  I am so completely loving this.


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