Moving on

As becomes obvious if you click on Colouring/Lettering Work, I’ve moved work stuff (“real” stuff) over to Bad Bunny Studio. Originally, when I started this blog up as “Crazy in Suburbia” (on Blogger) it was going to be entries on whatever flew into my head. When I transferred all the earlier stuff here, I started adding things I was working on, in order to have a site to direct people to, if they asked for samples, etc. But I was recently asked for a website address to be put in a magazine along with my credit for some colouring…and the artist asked what he should suggest to the publisher “as there seems to be Christmas decorations all over your current site”.

Well, yes, yes there was! I got into a “I will have positive thoughts about Christmas even if it kills me”, and the way I usually manage to think about it so is by focussing on crafts and creativity. Didn’t work! For various reasons, I still managed to get so overwhelmed by the world that I tried my darndest to ignore Christmas in my actual life, and ignore pretty much everything. But, when one has children, a youngest child artist husband, and three cats…responsibility is forced upon one whether one likes it or not.

I decided that it was pretty silly that one of the things overwhelming me was a sense of responsibility to this blog. It was just supposed to be entries on all the little mini-essays that fill my head as I drive around in the morning…or quick links to the stuff I see when I trawl the ‘net, and want to show them to people without overwhelming them with endless updates from my facebook account, or with endless emails (God, do I love Apartment Therapy on the weekend. Seriously. Not just about apartments, by any stretch of the imagination. And a site for everything–kitchens/cooking; kids/decorating; decorating; going green; technology…).

It’s not like I have a readership I have to satisfy or maintain…it’s not like I’m trying to brand myself here! (another part of the reason why I’ve had so little time for my life…asked to create a “quick art site” for Ty, to show off his stuff, I did so. Ty, who was busy with other things, had this idea that working on his blog was akin to checking out facebook…five minutes here and there. He truly didn’t know that there were days when I spent hours and hours putting together pages, blogrolls, etc. for it. And I’ve barely begun to scratch the surface on that one! I’m already trying to figure out how to create a more complicated blog for him–with this strange stuff called “code”. Yowsa. More jumping off the deep end to swim into waters I can’t see through clearly. Good thing I know how to flounder about better than many…)

But, all in all, it seemed best to take anything work-related off of here and put it somewhere all nice and clean and office-y. Semi-pro, perhaps. Might even help me get back on a nice, even keel and wander back into the world of the sane and the working…


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