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While wandering around the internet–

Padded Bikini for girls withdrawn (from BBC)

Okay, this one I actually went looking for, ’cause I heard about it on morning radio while driving around…and was left driving with my mouth hanging open for more minutes than is really hygienic.  This one is a big fat WTF…and I do mean F, people.  Holy heck, have people lost their tiny minds?


Hey spinster! When are you getting married?

This one is from The Toronto Star, Wednesday April 14, summing up “A University of Missouri study of “never married” women in their mid-30s discovered they are still surrounded by expectations they should have a husband.”

It caught my eye because I wondered what magical conclusions the study came to…and then, it set my brain afire when I read the last couple of paragraphs:

Lisa Santonato, 37, has been too busy building her Toronto communications company to think about marriage. She’s noticed her family’s questions have died down.

“They had higher hopes when I was younger,” she says, “They probably suspect I’ll become a spinster now.”

“I always said that I wouldn’t get married. Not because I didn’t believe in marriage — my parents and grandparents were all still together and had all set very positive examples — but more because I didn’t want to be in a role that was limiting,” Santonato says.

“But now that I’m much more settled in my career, I’m interested.

So, umm, here’s the brain-fire,

I didn’t want to be in a role that was limiting”???

What the hell does that mean? Not sure how the writer could cheerfully take that down…and not follow it up in any way. Limiting how–because once you are a wife you can’t ever be your own person and have a career? Limiting because

building her Toronto communications company

took so much time she couldn’t possibly give it to anyone else? Did this poor woman have to give up on those aforementioned parents and grandparents?

It’s interesting that the subtext, well hell complete and utter text, is that one is either dating intending to marry or not dating at all so no one will get confused. I really wanted to know–do these women have any “friends with benefits”?  Do they date? Why is the idea that they can only work on their career or find a man to marry?

There’s a much longer rant buried in the ashes of my brain-fire…but I have to go do some work. And, oh yeah–my husband-like guy just walked in the kitchen so I’d better go see how he needs me to devote myself to his needs.


One thought on “This and That

  1. Interesting comments.

    In particular:

    ““I didn’t want to be in a role that was limiting”???”

    Yes, one does wonder “how the writer could cheerfully take that down…and not follow it up in any way.” But then, The Star is not a newspaper renowned for its journalism…

    Perhaps this “poor woman” was misquoted, or perhaps the writer selectively chose what would be most sensational for her story.

    The article doesn’t discuss the purpose, findings, or results of the study. There’s no evidence of any such intent whatsoever. It’s just bad writing.

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