Re-using old t-shirts…

It’s Saturday, so that means I’ve been avidly perusing the Apartment Therapy sites. Tripped over a post on one of them years ago, found the others…and it’s become a Saturday activity ever since. Obviously, I could check it out every day, but I find it takes up a lot of my time, so I save it for the weekend (which is when I always say I’m going to get all the work done that I run out of time for during the week, but hey, I live to be a contradiction). There’s Kitchn Therapy with recipes and decor; OhDeeDoh with decor and ideas for kids…Re-Nest for green living, Apartment Therapy itself with lots of decor ideas…umm, and whatever the tech one is which I forget right now…oh, Unpluggd. (Just click on the tabs at the top left which read Home Design, Technology, Children, Green, Cooking.) Anyway, I run through them all on a Saturday morning and then bookmark the heck out of stuff. I’m a sucker for these kind of aggregator sites (my other weakness being Jezebel, Gawker and

Sometimes it’s just all very housewife/husband oriented–lots of recipes, how to make your kitchen look fab. But sometimes, they show some graphic artist’s cool posters, or a cool garden design concept…or sometimes, I just am caught by the colours in a photo of someone’s living room:  I might never ever want my living room to look the same, but the way the blue plays out against a dark red will inspire a brief flash of creative thought.

Years ago, I was watching an episode of Prisoners of Gravity, wherein they interviewed writers about writing…what advice they offered others, how they found inspiration to write. Ray Bradbury’s piece of advice was pretty simple: read everything you can. Everything that comes into your house, into your eyesight, into your purview. His take was that nothing was really beneath notice–don’t dismiss comic books, or magazine articles or even ads. One never knows where one might find inspiration.

That’s how I feel when I cruise through Apartment Therapy sites and others like it…some people would prefer to check out design sites and see what visual and graphic artists are up to. I want to see how the natural world puts plants together, how a homeowner put a bunch of different colours into a room, how the straight lines of one piece of furniture play against the curves in a lamp. You never know where inspiration or creativity are lurking.

All that said…there’s no stunning inspiration to be had in my link!  I found it on Re-Nest: Make a Tote Bag from an Old T-shirt.  It’s from students at Parsons The New School of Design. I have been dealing with the dilemma of bags for my kids.  They need lunch bags, gym bags, and book bags and bags for more things than I can keep track of.  Certainly there’s a plethora of bags in our house due to the reusables from all the grocery stores, but somehow we still run low. And they tend to be big and bulky in their plastic washable-ness (washability? washablenessicity?).  This seems like a way to use up a favourite but no-longer-fitting tshirt and make a bag for particular activities…easily and cheaply.

Make a Tote Bag from an Old T-shirt


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