Cool Superheroes

(this is a cross-posting with KT Smith…’cause I just love these so and figure it works for both sites)

This work doesn’t have anything to do with me…I just found them too cool for words and am flinging them in the face of anyone who will look, loudly announcing, “Aren’t these COOL?”  ‘Cause they are…

The artist is named Michael Myers (insert joke here–I’m sure he’s heard them all). He has a website called Drawsgood, and he blogs at Drawsgood Illustration and Design Blog.

I found these while wandering around Ohdeedoh , which is the children’s blog for Apartment Therapy.  Somehow, someone looked at these and instantly thought: kids! Because, you know, anything comics-oriented is only for kids.

Anyway, I love them. I love the vintage look of them, I love the design. The link doesn’t seem to work to find a place to buy them from (he sells his work through ImageKind which seems to be a paper version of Cafe Press). I sent him an email at his contact info, If the link gets updated/fixed, I’ll add it here.


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