Boycotting BP

Anyone and everyone is weighing in on the pros and cons of a BP boycott (my favourite was the writer who suggested that it was a bad idea to boycott them because then BP would go bankrupt and taxpayers would foot the bill for the cleanup.  How can this person not understand that if BP pays anything…it will be with money made from having people buy their products! I get that the thinking is somehow, at least this way, people get something for their money…but seriously…).

Isn’t the real problem not BP, not off-shore drilling but plain old Oil Consumption? We continue to consume too much oil in all it’s different forms. People need to start making changes, need to start consuming less. Don’t drive the car everywhere you go, don’t buy the vehicle with the biggest tank and fill it completely once a week.

We need to take a day…not even everyone organizing for a single day…just every person needs to take a day where they make a conscious effort to not consume oil in any form. And maybe, just maybe, become aware of just how much each individual uses.  And then we can understand just why BP was out there drilling, why oil production hasn’t lessened at all…why everyone just keeps going.

Everyone keeps waiting for the other guy to make the effort…  BP should go bankrupt, companies need to stop off-shore drilling…  The argument is that the problem is that the companies are just looking to make enormous profits. Be that as it may–why the hell do those of us who are angry about the spill get to drive around in our cars every day making our proclamations about who is to blame?

You wanna know who is to blame?  Take a look in your rearview mirror…  if you and you and I were not using the oil, they wouldn’t be pumping it.

(I know this logo has been all over the ‘net, but I found this version from a posting on Jimmy Palmiotti’s blog, Listen to Jimmy… He’s been tweeting about the crisis as well, you can follow his comments @jpalmiotti.)

For the Canucks:  Toronto Star article, “All the oil spills you’ve never heard of” by Denise Balkissoon


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