Marriage Equality

…just read another posting elsewhere all about “Here’s loving couple Joe and John (not their real names) who’ve been in a loving relationship for sixty years—don’t they deserve to get married?”…and here’s the thing. I get it—I really do. Let’s show the straights who don’t get it, that LGBTQ couples can be just like them and get married and stay together for a long time. Therefore, they “deserve” to get married…

But, here’s my thinking—and btw, I have no interest in marriage-as-an-institution whatsoever, so I don’t say this as someone with an “agenda” to force others into it, etc. etc. I’m not “legally” married, have no interest in it, actively avoid it, and will probably continue to do so…  That said—although I have no interest in marriage, the world is full of those who do…and those who are interested in marrying a person of the opposite sex may do so without any problems even if they’ve known each other for two days, even if they get divorced within months of the marriage, even if they’ve been married five times before. People keep trying to promote ‘gay marriage’ with this “look! They’re just like us! Really! They’re cute and adorable long-time couples!” because, of course, no straight people ever enter a marriage with less than divine intentions, and none ever willingly leave it…

It’s not about “validating” it to everyone, it’s not about making it “acceptable”—it’s about the idea that it’s a right to get married if you so choose (as long as the person is of age, and willing blah blah blah)…and the fight for “marriage equality” is just that…about making that choice equal for all. If you want to get married—fine, do so. If you don’t want to get married—equally fine. But you should have the choice available to you…

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