I am forever baffled by the people utterly convinced–they KNOW it to be true–that if you allow trans kids to use their gender’s washrooms at schools, then boys (and men) will dress up as girls so they can go into the washrooms to assault girls.

To these people, this makes perfect sense. They do not question that if there are men or older boys who are interested in assaulting girls, why would they go to the effort of identifying themselves to their school as a trans girl, presumably dressing as a trans girl, going about their day with everyone in the school knowing that they’re a trans girl, dealing with the incredible difficulties that could potentially bring. For all the laws in place against discrimination, there is still much bullying in schools. But, they will do this–they will meet with the school, they will tell their family and friends that they are trans, they will go to school as trans, all for the opportunity to use the girls washroom in order to assault whatever girl they find in there. If they find a girl in there. And if she’s alone. And if no other girl walks into the washroom at all. And if the girl doesn’t scream her head off.

If such a situation were to occur, clearly this would be a one-off opportunity for the predator in question. Who would be very easily identifiable: “That boy who just said he’s a trans girl? That’s the one.”

But the bigots would like you to know that this is possible.

The incredible and obvious stupidity of this plan which exists in the minds of no one but the bigoted reveals their complete lack of understanding. In a world where boys refuse to wear “girl” colours for fear of being beaten up, that other boys will think they’re gay, the opponents of washroom equality laws argue that a boy will wear a dress to school in order to sexually assault a girl. They assume that to identify as a trans girl or woman is just a matter of putting on a dress. It’s not that simple. That’s not “all” that it is. That these people attempt to argue that trans girls are just boys in dresses who have no concerns in their world other than what they want (putting aside that the bigots are convinced that it’s to be predatory). That for them to say to their parents “I’m wearing a dress because I’m a girl” would be accepted complacently and the child would be sent off to school without any further discussion. That the boy would say to the school, “I’m a girl” and the school staff would say, “Sure, okay–there’s the girls’ washroom. Have a good day!” That all his classmates would say, “Wearing a dress, huh? Oh, you’re a girl? Sure, okay. Did you get your homework done?”

But the bigots would like you to know that this is possible.

The bigots would like you to think that it’s easy to pretend to be a trans girl…that it’s easy to be a trans girl. And they would really appreciate it if you pretended that you too believe this ludicrous fantastical story they’ve created to explain their opposition to washroom equality. In a world where people like these bigots exist, where these people speak out loud and express their vitriol and hatred, they want you to know that it’s easy to be the person they choose to hate and fear.

The bigots would like you to know that this is possible.


One thought on “#TheyJustNeedToPee

  1. It doesn’t help trans people any when jerks like Mike Huckabee publicly announce that he would have claimed to be transgender as a young man, so he could get into female restrooms and peek at women. Remember, this ‘man’ wants to become President of the USA!
    It’s cretins like him and others, who PISS all over trans people and stoke the fires of bigotry – because they have perveted minds.

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