Why is Donald Trump doing “so well” Part One

I am sooooooooooooooooooooo tired of the rhetoric that Sanders’ voters were smarter than everyone else and picked him because they know how to research on the internet and they found out All the Things and so picked him. Clinton voters are just voting for her because she’s a woman or because she’s the Democrat. ButTrump voters? Oh, that’s because The System has given them no choice and he’s the only way to express their frustration with The System.

Yes, I’m sure the KKK are really frustrated with The System and he’s their only choice to express that. I’m sure all the homophobes are really frustrated with The System and he’s their only choice to express that. I’m sure all the misogynists, the sexists, the transphobes, the Islamophobes, all of those are so frustrated with The System that they have no choice but to vote for the man who tells them that he’s not part of The System. The System that is supposed to respect the Constitution, Human Rights, the Geneva Convention and more…

Here’s a radical thought: accept that people are supporting Trump because they agree with him. He is not a symbol of their lack of choice but a symbol of their complete and utter choice. In the past they’ve had to content themselves with a Republican Party that used such coded language that they weren’t always sure that the Party is as racist and sexist and misogynist and bigoted as they hoped…now, they know it for an absolute fact.

Many polls have suggested that Trump has the support of half of the Republican Party…and polls have shown that 43% of Republicans to this day believe that Obama is a Muslim who was born in Kenya. Stop giving these people an excuse, stop blaming everyone but the actual people voicing their support for Trump. They haven’t been fooled or conned or trapped by economic despair. They’re angry that being white and male is no longer a guarantee of privilege.


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